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Student Admissions

At ISED, we are committed to equipping every student to become an educational leader that influences innovation and catalyzes change.

Enrollment Process

All applicants who have the requisite background and demonstrate the required skills will be accepted into the graduate programme.

Enrollment is open to the following categories of persons: 

  • School leaders including Head Teachers, Principals, Heads of Department, Subject Coordinators,  Admin Managers 

  • Secondary and/or Primary School Teachers

  • School owners and Board members 

  • Parents and Caregivers, including Youth Ministry Workers

Academic Requirements

All applicants must complete a formal Application for Admission, share undergraduate transcripts, and pay the application fee.  

Candidates must also complete an English and Technology proficiency assessment to ensure they have the prerequisite level of literacy and technology to engage the ISED programmes.

Please note that a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5 is required for  entry into the post-graduate programmes.  

Scholarship Programme

ISED provides scholarship opportunities for school leaders and teachers from underserved communities across Africa. All applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and successful candidates will receive full or partial scholarships. 

A Scholarship Committee provides funding for the programmes (including tuition and/or technology support). 

Each year, an agreed number of eligible candidates will be interviewed and selected to participate in the certificate programmes. 

Students Typing at Their Computers

Our Students

Who can attend ISED?

Current and Aspiring School Leaders,
Subject Coordinators, Admin Managers

School Owners and Board Members

Secondary and Primary School Teachers

Parents and Caregivers, including Youth Ministry Workers

College Graduate


Exceed Your Expectations

All ISED courses can be taken as part of on-going professional development.

A certificate will be issued at the end of each course.

Admissions: Courses
Graduation Ceremony

Certificate in Educational Leadership & Management

9-month post-graduate programme.

Curated for middle-level school leaders to develop their leadership and management skills. Topics include negotiation and conflict resolution, data-driven decision making, and leading the learning in an international school.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Certificate in Entrepreneurship for School Owners

9-month post-graduate programme.

New and existing owners will learn essential business development skills including building a business model, safer recruitment, and systems thinking.

Graduating Students

Advanced Certificate in Educational Leadership & Management

9-month post-graduate programme. Curated for senior-level school leaders to further develop their leadership and management skills. Topics include performance management, change and transformation, and building culturally proficient learning communities.

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Application for Admission

Become an ISED-certified educational leader who influences innovation and catalyzes change.

Admissions: Apply Now
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