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Start up Business




We work collaboratively with start-up school leaders develop their business models and craft their mission, values and unique identities. We recruit key staff members and support with establishing foundational structures, operational procedures and accompanying documentation to ensure that industry recommended practices are adhered to. We then design their curriculum based on their identified ethos and values, ensuring horizontal and vertical alignment across the grade levels.

Parenting Seminars 

Provided for religious and non-religious organisations, our parenting seminars afford parents the opportunity to ask those vital questions needed to address their concerns in a relaxed environment. We also provide counselling and support for caregivers, youth workers, and parents.

One-on-One Consultation

A personal and in depth conversation, including a needs assessment of your current educational outlook, trends in education, and ways forward regarding personal professional improvement. Consultations are pre-scheduled on an hourly basis.

School Improvement

We support existing schools with overall improvement in the areas of curriculum development, instructional strategies, special education needs, assessments, and policies. We also support with alignment with international accreditation processes.

Mentoring and Coaching

ISED offers opportunities to receive one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions, including a needs assessment of your current educational outlook, trends in education, and ways forward regarding personal professional improvement.

Curriculum Development 

We collaborate with schools to personalise their curriculum based on recommended practices from the UK National Curriculum (for Primary and Secondary Years - Key Stages 1 to 4) and the UK Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. These can be personalised and blended with the curriculum of other countries, based on request. We currently have available an integrated curriculum (Nigerian and UK). To order a copy of this, please contact us.

Educational Counselling 

We provide counseling services for children and young people, supporting them through varied challenges ranging from inclusion needs in mainstream school, to educational and vocational issues, emotional issues, relational issues, family issues, sexual issues, and dealing with abuse. We also partner with NGOs working in developing communities to provide support (counselling and training) for young people, in partnership with their teachers and school management.

Educators Conferences,

Seminars and Workshops

We facilitate professional development for teachers, through carefully crafted, personalised seminars, workshops, and professional learning institutes. We empower them to improve their students’ learning experiences, with improved pedagogy and differentiated instructional strategies. Our workshops and seminars prepare educators to work with children, young people and adults within schools and learning centres, equipping them with recommended practices for learning and teaching. Training can be for whole school groups, small groups, or for individuals within schools.

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If you are interested in any of the services ISED provides feel free to request an initial appointment with us!


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