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ISED Sponsorship Programme

Influencing Change and Building Educational Capacity One Teacher at a Time

The current state of education in Africa

While there are a myriad of issues affecting the education sector our primary focus will always be our teachers. However they face a serious uphill battle.

In the face of the skill and personnel deficit, we are here to influence change, by building up one teacher at a time.


According to UNESCO research, on average most African teachers are handling a class of 43 students. Meaning that if we can upskill one teacher, we impact the educational experience and future of 43 children. 

Through our programmes, we were able to train over 1,000 teachers in 2023. Meaning that, on average, we have impacted the lives of 43,000 students, at a total cost of just under $17,000. This year we'd like to double our impact, but in order to do so, we need your help. 

At ISED a single teacher can earn 3 CPD credit units and be transformed for only $20

Make a Difference

The average African educator earns <USD1,200 annually with at least 4 dependents. Without sponsorships, it is often a struggle to afford training. Yet teachers and school leaders need Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to truly empower learners, expand career prospects and find fulfilment in their roles.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"I've had an excellent learning experience in an enabling environment."

Effective Lesson Planning 

Summer 2023

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