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Isa School of Education (ISED)

Influencing Change

Isa School of Education was founded to influence innovation and catalyze change among educational leaders in Africa. Through a unique teaching approach focused on our RARE values, our passionate staff help students develop academically, professionally, and personally to the highest level. We invite you to explore our site and discover the excellent academics and inspiring community ISED provides to each and every educational leader.


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Teachers and School leaders trained 


Courses run across 3 semesters in 2023


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Major NGO Collaborations

A Presidential Invitation to ISED
Why an ISED programme?
Who can attend ISED?
Why establish ISED?
Introducing ISED
Q&A Seminar

Get Professional Mentoring

ISED offers opportunities to receive one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions, including a needs assessment of your current educational outlook, trends in education, and ways forward regarding personal professional improvement.

Online Class

Take an ISED Course

All ISED courses and programmes are for post-graduate students. Courses can be taken as part of on-going professional development and a certificate will be issued at the end of each course.

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Sign up for ISED Webinars

ISED offers insightful and inspiring webinars, run by exceptional educators from various industries.

Our Values





Reflective Innovation

Authenticity in


Excellence in
Service Delivery

Our Beliefs

We believe that education should prepare children and young people to be culturally proficient global citizens.

We believe that we can improve student  
attainment in primary and secondary schools across Africa by empowering  educational leaders to innovatively improve their practices.

We believe in building professional learning communities that curate  learning experiences for scholar practitioners as they reflectively address  the challenges they face in their unique contexts.

Our Clients

Our core focus is leadership development in the education space in Africa and we provide online and on-site  
learning experiences for adults.

Math Teacher

School Leaders and Teachers

We curate professional learning  communities within which educational leaders in primary and secondary schools can reflectively improve their practices as they responsively address the challenges they face in the African context. Our programmes and publications support the learning and development of educational leaders as they develop their competencies and cultural proficiencies.

Online Class

Parents and Caregivers

We offer educational counselling for  parents and caregivers working in an African setting as they lead and support young people on their learning journeys.

Board Meeting

School Proprietors and Boards

We support school proprietors and board members as they lead primary and secondary schools, providing professional education that is relevant and responsive to their experiences.