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Why take an ISED Course?
Teacher Training Courses 

Our goal is to influence innovation and catalyse change among educational leaders. Here at ISED we believe that every teacher at every level is a leader in their own right, and we want to ensure that our services are available to all. We are therefore introducing ISED Teacher Training Courses to better meet Nigerian educators on a wider scale. ​

Executive Courses 


If you missed out on the chance to join our January Cohort for our Executive Courses, we are pleased to inform you that we are running the following two classes in the January semester. 

Registration will open on the January 29th 2024

ISED Webinars 

 Our discussion about "What Teachers Want To Know" is happened on the 27th of November at 19:00pm and it was an amazing time. We sourced questions from educators of varying experience levels in order to give well rounded and insightful advice.

Whether you've just started your career in teaching or you have a wealth of experience, we are here to help. Dr Joy shared from her extensive, almost 30 year career in education; there was lots of laughter and key learning moments. We also had our amazing hosts Nancy Omaballa and Tonia Omolopo, who ran the session and shared from their experiences as well.

You can watch the session on our YouTube channel!

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What Teachers Want to Know

Staff Retention
The School Leader's Dilemma in 2023

First it was the medical field, and now the phenomena of brain drain has spread to the education sector. In 2022 about 350,000 teachers out of the 1.5 million on government payroll took the TRCN counsel’s qualifying examination. Teachers across the country are preparing to leave at an alarming rate. Now more than ever school leaders must focus on retaining the quality staff they have; the question is how? In this informative session Dr Joy Isa and Chineye Rajafa will discuss what more school leaders need to do in order to keep quality teachers in their institutions. You won’t want to miss this!

Date: 23rd March 2023 

Time: 16:00pm

Hosts: Mrs Chineye Rajafa and Dr Joy Isa

Platform: Zoom

Max capacity: 100 attendees

Are you a teacher or a leader in the education

space? Are you looking out for opportunities

abroad? Japa fever has caught Nigeria, but it is

not as simple as we think. Too many people are

unaware of the realities and difficulties that

come with living in a new country.

In this informative session, Dr Joy Isa, President of

the Isa School of Education in Nigeria and Mrs Ivie

Okwuegbuna, an Assistant Head Teacher and

Special Needs Education Consultant in the UK,

discussed these challenges and gave effective

solutions, ideas and their own unique experiences

and perspectives on the process of adapting to

a foreign education system.

You can watch the session on our YouTube channel!

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The Art of "Japa" for Educators

Software Programmer

ISED Courses

In line with international recommended practices, ISED students earn credit hours as they spend time on a combination of research, assignments, lectures, discussions, and personal study. At ISED, students are required to participate in all lectures and discussions (physical and virtual), and to spend an adequate amount of time on research and personal study to enable them to complete all assignments. 

ISED post-graduate courses require an average commitment of 10 hours a week. These include hours for lectures, group discussions, research and personal study. Each course runs for 12 weeks (one semester).

All ISED courses can be taken as part of on-going professional development. A certificate will be issued at the end of each course. 

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