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Leading an Inclusive       School in Africa 

“Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a choice we make every day.”


Nellie Borrero

Course Description

Africa is very diverse and our different cultural biases often influence how we address children and young people who may be seen as atypical. In this course, school leaders will understand international recommended practices for inclusion in mainstream schools. They will reflectively evaluate their current practices and address community biases with a view to being better aligned with the recommended practices, so they can update the provision in their schools. 


  • Address the bias against additional learning needs 

  • Understand differentiation for all

  • Explore liaisons and partnerships with professional service providers 

  • Support families with access arrangements 

Course Details 

Duration: 12 Weeks

Start Date: TBA

Registration is now Open 

Payment plans, discounts and other services are available, please reach out to for further details.

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