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Curriculum Development in African Schools

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”



Course Description

The temptation to adopt internationally accredited curriculum contents and policies sometimes results in missed opportunities for school leaders to promote local history and culture. In this course, participants will understand benchmarks, standards, and curriculum integration using a thematic approach to teaching and learning. They will be able to lead curriculum development within their unique local contexts. 


  • Understanding how to promote a culture of inquiry (including reading and STEM education)

  • Design and evaluate learning outcomes that address non-academic skills

  • Plan thematic units, integrating digital literacy, local history and culture

  • Establish systems for continuous curriculum review 

Course Details 

Duration: 12 Weeks

Start Date: TBA

Registration is now Open 

Payment plans, discounts and other services are available, please reach out to for further details.

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