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Leading the Learning in Secondary Schools

  • 12Weeks
  • 2Steps


The teenage years are often presented as turbulent for young people as they mature into independent adults. It is therefore important for school leaders to understand the changing dynamics required as they lead young people and their teachers through secondary education, preparing them for universities and the world of work. In this course, school leaders will also explore key behaviour management strategies that facilitate positive discipline within a healthy, collaborative learning environment. They will explore cultural nuances associated with raising young adults in African contexts and reflectively evaluate the policies and procedures in their unique local contexts. Key Learning Objectives: - Understand the psychology of young adults (Ages 11 to 18) and the need for effective behaviour management strategies using neuroscience - Understand the changing dynamics of stakeholder communication in a young adult learning community - Explore the essentials of a secondary school curriculum, including content for wellbeing and social responsibility - Understand safer recruitment and staffing requirements for secondary schools. APPLY BY JANUARY 2023

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